Poppy's Mobile Catering

In 2010 Poppy's started to serve just regular burgers and breakfast rolls along with bratwurst and currywurst. Over the years, Poppy's has designed a completely new style menu. Yes we still have the standard catering burger, because people still like them, but now we also have:

Beef, pork & apple, pork & beef and pork with Greek style seasoning (Only made to order). All made with fresh ingredients and meat from local Dorset butchers. We also on occasion make venison burgers, which our customers love. Our fifth burger is unique, not only is it delicious and healthy, it's vegan friendly as well as totally gluten free.

We can also offer traditional German sausages:

  • Our Bratwurst, krakauer and frankfurter are imported from Germany, great as gourmet hot dogs.
  • New to our menu are Vegan Hot Dogs, made in Germany so you know they are going to be great quality. Not Gluten Free I am sorry to say
  • Our English breakfast sausage is made to our own recipe by Curtis Family Butchers in Wareham.
  • We also have gluten free breakfast sausages (95% pork)


All of our German sausages except the new Vegan hot dog are Gluten Free

We use cheddar cheese and Smokey Monterey Jack cheese because they compliment our burgers and baguettes.

Our inspiration comes from the area of Wessex, and we have tried to bring together Saxon food with locally sourced food and give it a twist of our own. Choose from jagerschnitzel or zigeunerschnitzel (mushroom sauce or bell pepper sauce) with our own recipe curry ketchup, German style mustard, chilli sauce, or our homemade naga chilli sauce. Why not try our fresh homemade kraut salad or tzatziki sauce - you'll love the taste, guaranteed.

Poppy's Mobile Catering stands for quality food and great value. What's the Saxon twist? Well you will just have to visit us and find out.


Pre-order All our food is cooked to order. To pre-order you can call us on: 07701 062 348